Raw material analysis up to the end product analysis

The raw material

The Lerchenmühle is committed to regional agriculture. We only grind Austrian corn from selected farmers who fulfil our quality standards.

Seamless quality assurance

The contamination of mycotoxins such as DON or aflatoxin is a key issue in agriculture in many places. With farmers from the region, a standardised processing procedure from the field to the product and seamless quality assurance, we are able to manufacture products safely and guarantee 100% traceability.

Multi-stage quality assurance process

In order to guarantee the highest quality, each product batch undergoes a multi-stage quality assurance process. From raw material analysis to end product analysis, the quality of the product is closely monitored and documented.

Flexible filling system

Bigbags, 30kg, 25kg, 1000g, 500g


Own corn processing line

Private label

Filling & packaging