Cornmeal products
from Austria

controlled top quality

Lerchenmühle GmbH from Austria produces corn milling products, flours and semi-finished products for companies in organic and conventional processing lines. Over 30 varieties, all gluten-free, without allergens or GMOs. Filling from 500g to 25 kg, BigBag or loose in lorry silos.


Cornproducts glutenfree


Buckwheat products glutenfree


Millet products glutenfree

Certificates & traceability

To ensure the highest quality, each product batch undergoes a multi-stage quality assurance process. From raw material analysis to end product analysis, the quality of the product is closely monitored and documented.

Production & laboratory

Our in-house laboratory enables us to test incoming raw materials and our own finished products for dough rheology, mycotoxins and gluten. Our special expertise includes allergen analysis using ELISA.

Flexible filling system

Bigbags, 30kg, 25kg, 1000g, 500g


Own corn processing line

Private label

Filling & packaging