Highest technical standards

Lerchenmühle has two in-house laboratories. We have the opportunity to test incoming raw materials and our own finished products for dough rheology, mycotoxins and gluten.

Our special expertise includes analysing allergens using ELISA. In order to be able to guarantee that our corn and buckwheat products are gluten-free, each batch is analysed for residues separately from products containing gluten in our second in-house laboratory after representative sampling. The in-house results are routinely verified with results from accredited external laboratories and their results are forwarded to our customers on request.

We also have a laboratory-scale corn germination plant, which allows us to draw important conclusions about the quality of the raw material in terms of processing properties and semolina yield.
All these processes represent an important quality standard for us in order to be able to guarantee the highest quality with our name.

Flexible filling system

Bigbags, 30kg, 25kg, 1000g, 500g


Own corn processing line

Private label

Filling & packaging