Buckwheat from Austria

Buckwheat grain & buckwheat flour

Traditionally closely associated with corn milling, we can produce buckwheat flour.
Buckwheat is a so-called pseudocereal and therefore gluten-free, which means it is a good alternative for people with gluten intolerance.
It has a strong, nutty taste and a slightly grey color. Buckwheat itself is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.
It is often recommended as a healthy option for a balanced nutrition.



GMO free

Allergen free

Organic quality

Buckwheat grain

  • Gluten-free, nutty in taste
  • High content of protein, minerals, silicic acid


Buckwheat flour

  • gluten-free, nutty in taste
  • Digestible alternative to other flours

Buckwheat flour

Flexible filling system

Bigbags, 30kg, 25kg, 1000g, 500g


Own corn processing line

Private label

Filling & packaging