Private label filling & packaging

Lerchenmühle Golling

As a private label manufacturer, Lerchenmühle offers you the customised manufacture of your products. From raw material grinding to packaging, we are at your side as a contract processing company with many years of experience. Our modern filling plant also offers the option of strictly controlled gluten-free private label filling.

Block bottom bag

Available in 3 sizes

The block bottom bag has a flat, rectangular base, which gives the bag stability and is very popular for food products. Block bottom bags can also be offered with an optional viewing window to increase the attractiveness of the product. The simple handling, attractive appearance and efficient storage make block bottom bags a popular choice.

3 size variations

  • 500g, Dimensions 80x50x230 mm
  • 1000g, Dimensions 110x60x285 mm
  • 5000g, Dimensions 200x100x455 mm



  • Viewing window
  • Handle (only possible with 5000g  variant)

Dimensions 200x100x455 mm
Option: Viewing window
Option: Handle

Dimensions 110x60x285 mm
Option: Viewing window

Dimensions 180x50x230 mm
Option: Viewing window

Viewing window options
The viewing window can be customised in terms of size, shape and position.
Below are some examples of rectangular, square, round or free-form surfaces - anything is possible.

Flexible filling system

Bigbags, 30kg, 25kg, 1000g, 500g


Own corn processing line

Private label

Filling & packaging